Failure Mode Engineering Analysis (FMEA)

The Israel Plastics & Rubber Center conducts failure mode engineering analysis (FMEA). The analyses are conducted based on a methodology aimed at finding the root cause of the product failure.

The FMEA process is accompanied by a focused survey, laboratory tests (usually including mechanical characterization of models, exposure to representative environmental conditions, identifying the composition, microscopy, etc.), and sometimes a visit to the site based on the Go See principle.

After completing the analysis, the customer receives a detailed technical report. At the customer’s request the report can be used in a court of law as an expert opinion report representing a party and for arbitration or mediation.

The following are examples of FMEA analyses conducted:

  • Increased erosion of vehicle brakes
  • Burst of a PEX pipe in a home system
  • Cracks in PP hot water pipes
  • Peeling of color printing on food packaging
  • Leak in a PE connector, welded to water pipes
  • Cracks in an optical component of a military system
  • Swelling of a PU tube inserted into the stomach
  • Adhesive failure: deficient adhesion between various infrastructures or in heat or frequency welding
  • Accelerated product aging, life cycle analysis