Research & Development

The Israel Plastics & Rubber Center has several Knowledge Centers. The IP accumulated in these fields over tens of years of activity and research is accessible to industry in joint projects.

Recycling and Sustainability

• Composites based on natural materials
• Development of compatibilizers for improved recycling capabilities
• Research on upgrading the properties of recycled material
• Development of applications for the integration of recycled materials

Leading researcher:
Prof. Anna Dotan

Biomedical polymers

• Polymeric technologies for regenerative medicine
• Innovative technologies for microparticle production for slow-release of drugs
• Development of products and medical implants as a service hub for startups and commercial companies

Lead researcher:
Prof. Dan Lewitus

Packaging and food compatibility

• Additives and polymers for active packaging
• Application of biodegradable polymers in packaging
• Plastic recycling from consumer packaging for sustainable products
• Innovative methods for characterization of food contact compatibility with packaging

Lead researchers:
Prof. Anna Dotan
Prof. Amos Ophir

Composite and nanocomposite materials

• Engineering nanotechnology applications
• Hot Melt matrices for the Prepregging
• Development of composite filaments for 3D printing applications

Lead researcher:
Dr. Naum Naveh

Processing and 3D printing

• Simulation and optimization of polymer processing
• Nanolayer multiplication in extrusion processes
• Development of multilayer filaments for 3D printing

Lead researchers:
Dr. Naum Naveh
Prof. Amos Ophir

Rubber and elastomers

• Application of nanotechnology in nanocomposite elastomers
• Integration of thermoplastic elastomers in technical/engineering products
• Aging and research of accelerated weathering of plastic and rubber materials
• Chemical recycling of rubber

Lead researcher:
Dr. Naum Naveh